See How the Credit Card Limit Works in Installments

A very common question among consumers concerns the total limit of the credit card. After all, how is the calculation of the purchasing power of the card? In Brazil, the operators basically follow two models: adding the total amount spent by the cardholder in all of his transactions, regardless of the number of parcels chosen […]

Lighten Your Installment With This Way

Cars today are needed because they can facilitate one’s mobility. At present, it seems normal for someone who is already earning, single or family, choosing to buy a car to fulfill their needs and support their activities every day. However, the price of a car is indeed not cheap. In fact, for someone with a […]

P2P Credits, Alternative and Social Investment

The arrival of the Internet in a general way to the homes of practically all the world, with about 2 billion users all over the planet, has revolutionized the way in which people interact. Internet is not only a form of communication, but also a channel through which to connect supply and demand. In this […]

Retirement Loan Application

For pensioners who want to pay without forcing their monthly budgets, Good Finance Bank provides financial support with interest rates starting at 1.27 percent. Particularly, people who want to receive low limit credit support can use loans with different maturity options and appropriate interest rates after applying for Good Finance pension loan. You can learn […]

Want to Borrow Money for Sudden Needs, Where to Go?

Daily needs that are increasing with increasing prices certainly make us often confused. For those of you who are single, daily needs such as food, transportation, and rental costs will certainly make your finances thinner. Not to mention, if you have an obligation to send money to your family, or pay vehicle repayments. Meanwhile, for […]

More About Loan

Every person in life is in a situation where sudden expenses are suddenly incurred, but there is no money to pay for them. You may need a car repair, an unexpected doctor visit, an accident that has caused unexpected expenses, or something else. In such cases, different solutions are offered and one of these solutions […]