Cars today are needed because they can facilitate one’s mobility. At present, it seems normal for someone who is already earning, single or family, choosing to buy a car to fulfill their needs and support their activities every day. However, the price of a car is indeed not cheap. In fact, for someone with a middle or limited salary, the car cannot even be purchased in 3-5x salary.

The best solution for buying a cheap car for those of you who don’t have enough money to buy a car with cash payments, is to make a car loan. The term installment may sound easy, because it does not require us to pay off an item if we want to have it. However, it is also possible to repay the car sounding burdensome, because it will always be followed by a fairly large installment interest. However, before choosing the car you want to buy, and what method of payment you want to choose, let’s look at the following tips so that the car payments don’t burden you for the next few years!


Think About, New Cars or Used Cars?

New Cars or Used Cars?

Most people may prefer to buy a car in a new state with a variety of considerations. However, there are still many people who are considering buying cheap used cars for lower price reasons. If you want to ease the burden of your car’s installments, choose a quality used car.

There are two things you need to consider if you want to buy a used car:


  • Knowing Car Market Prices

    Knowing Car Market Prices

Before you choose the car you want to buy, make sure you know the latest market prices. Make comparisons of various car websites on the internet because each person must provide different prices. Do not let you have to spend more than the prices of other similar cars because you do not know the market price of cheap cars that you choose. The amount of price certainly affects the down payment to the installments of your car.


  • Check Car Vehicles

    Check Car Vehicles

Although it can be obtained at a low price, you need to check the condition of your cheap car first before deciding to buy it. Because it’s not in a new vehicle, of course there are many things that you need to pay attention to. If possible, bring someone who knows very well about the car engine, or bring a mechanic to check the condition of the car. Don’t be tempted by low prices and light car payments.

However, if you decide to buy a new car, choose a cheap car with pretty good quality. Many car brands with quite high quality are sold at low prices on the market. These cars may be your consideration. Everything returns to the budget you have and adjust it to your personal needs. Don’t let it go because you just want to, your finances will be difficult later on, huh.


Pay Greater Advances

Pay Greater Advances

Advances are things that need to be rethought and calculated carefully. Normally the car down payment is 20-25% from the initial price. However, if you have more money, it feels better if you can increase the amount of down payment from the amount previously offered. By spending more for your down payment, your auto installments will be lighter. It’s better to spend more money at the beginning of the payment and spend less money each month right?


Negotiate Prices & Take advantage of Promos

Negotiate Prices & Take advantage of Promos

Another way you can do to ease the burden of car repayments is by negotiating prices and utilizing existing promos. Used cars will certainly be easier to negotiate compared to new cars which usually have a fixed price determined by the dealer. If you want to negotiate the car you want, give a good impression to the seller first. Mastering the conditions, features, and prices of cars on the market can also be a plus. This will make it easier for you to negotiate and get the best prices that are profitable.

Whereas, if you choose to buy a new car, you can take advantage of the promos and price discounts provided by the dealer. Usually, if you buy a new car, the dealer will offer a variety of attractive benefits, so you can make comparisons and choices. In addition, after getting price information from dealers and leasing, do a credit simulation. By doing a credit simulation, you can see your ability to pay, you can also see the amount of interest you have to pay for the car.

That’s the tips that can be done before buying a cheap car if you want to ease the installment burden of your car. In buying anything, you can actually use a number of things to save and minimize expenses and car payments that you have to spend every month. In this case, for example, if you find a used car that is of high quality and fits your needs, don’t force yourself to fight prestige by having to buy a new car. Conversely, if you feel you can afford and have more budget to buy a new car, do not hold your money in excess by choosing a used car that ends up not meeting your needs just because it is tempted by low prices and light installments.

Don’t rush in deciding to buy a car. Because the price of a car is not cheap, don’t rush into deciding to buy a car. Always remember to compare prices and do research well. Well, if you have found a cheap car that you want to buy but lack of money to pay for the down payment or installment of the car, just submit Capital at IP Credit. With a low interest of 0.1% per day, IP Credit will help you with all your needs without burdening you to return the Capital.

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