You who are retired or pensioner of the National Social Security Institute (INSS), will receive the first installment of your 13th salary in advance. According to a decree published and signed by the president of the republic, Michel Temer, in July 2018, this portion will correspond to 50% of the value of the benefit.

Paid in August, the installment will help many people with financial backlogs. The measure aims to inject R $ 21 billion into the economy and, thus, to move the trade.

To know about possible income tax (IR) discounts, rules and deadlines for payment and other information, keep reading this post.


Calculation of installments and possible discounts

Calculation of installments and possible discounts

The calculation will be made as follows: for those who receive the benefit since January, the amount will correspond to the full amount of 50% of the monthly benefit amount, while those who started receiving the benefit from February will receive the proportional amount.

For example, if your benefit is 954 reais but you started receiving it in April, the amount of the first installment of the 13th installment will be proportional to the time period between the months you started to receive until the month of December, or proportional to 8 months, not 12 (the whole year). In the end, the total to receive in the first installment will be 318 reais.

There will be no Income Tax discount on this first installment, but the tax will be charged in November and December, when the second installment is paid. Stay tuned since insured people over 65 pay a lower IR rate.


The deadlines for the payment of the first installment of the thirteenth

payment deadlines

Payment will be made between August 27 and September 10, according to the Table of Payments for Benefits of 2018. The dates are defined from the final numbering of the benefit.

For those with end 1, for example, and who receive only the value of a minimum wage, the money falls on August 27. Finally, those who receive only a minimum wage and have a final 0 will receive the money on September 10. The full schedule will be:

  • Final number 1 – 27 August;
  • Final number 2 – 28 August;
  • Final number 3 – 29 August;
  • Final number 4 – 30 August;
  • Final number 5 – 31 August;
  • Final number 6 – 03 of September;
  • Final number 7 – 04 September;
  • Final number 8 – 05 September;
  • Final number 9th – 6th of September;
  • Final number 0 – 10 September.

Those who receive more than one minimum wage, and have the numbers 1 and 6 as the end of the benefit, will receive the installment on September 3. See all dates:

  • Final number 1 and 6 – 3 of September;
  • Final number 2 and 7 – 4 of September;
  • Final number 3 and 8 – 05 September;
  • Final number 4 and 9 – 06 of September;
  • Final number 5 and 0 – 10 September.


Persons entitled to benefit

Persons entitled to benefit

You are entitled to full bonus who has received any of the following benefits during the year:

  • retirement;
  • sickness benefit;
  • aid-incarceration;
  • accident aid;
  • pension for death;
  • maternity pay.

In the cases of sickness and maternity aid, the value of the 13th salary will be proportional to the months the benefit was received.

So, now that you’re already well-informed about the anticipation of your first installment of the thirteenth, how about commenting on the post what you think of the measure and how you’ll enjoy that extra money?

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