Daily needs that are increasing with increasing prices certainly make us often confused. For those of you who are single, daily needs such as food, transportation, and rental costs will certainly make your finances thinner. Not to mention, if you have an obligation to send money to your family, or pay vehicle repayments. Meanwhile, for those of you who are married and have dependents, the costs that need to be spent will be greater and indirectly, money will be one source of problems.

If you are not smart to allocate salary every month, money that can be used for daily life for one month, can be used up in the middle of the month. In fact, it’s likely that the money has thinned a few days after payday. Meanwhile, the unexpected costs that must be incurred continue to emerge. Emergencies such as medical expenses, home renovation, repair of vehicles certainly require funds that are not small, and certainly not predictable. If so, the easiest solution is to borrow money to cover the costs of other needs.

Now the times are increasingly sophisticated. Compared to having to borrow from a friend or relative who does not necessarily meet expectations, it is better to borrow from an official institution that can certainly give TB Lenders the funds you need. Moreover, if you need funds that are fast liquid. Don’t worry and be confused if you suddenly have to borrow money for an emergency. Come on, see the following recommendations for borrowing money!


1. Bank

Bank loan

Banks can be said to be the most widely used money lending institutions by the people of Indonesia. Besides being reliable and guaranteed, the interest offered by the bank is quite competitive, you know. The Bank offers two types of TB Lenders, namely multipurpose loans namely TB Lenders with collateral, and Unsecured Credit (KTA), or without collateral, which has a higher interest than multipurpose loans.

The documents required and the conditions provided by the bank when we want to borrow money are indeed many. The process of borrowing money is also fairly instant and takes time. Even so, the nominal borrowed money offered by banks is indeed the largest compared to other lending institutions.


2. Pawnshop


Pegadaian is one of the trusted BUMN Institutions. The process of borrowing money at Pegadaian is indeed faster than the Bank. You only need to pawn your valuables when you want to borrow money at Pegadaian. Later, Pegadaian will give you the maximum nominal loan you can do. The range of interest offered by Pegadaian is 0.75% -1.15% with TB Lenders’s tenor of a maximum of 120 days or 4 months. Borrowing money at Pegadaian does not require a long time as long as you bring all the documents needed during the submission process.


3. Cooperative

western union

Unlike the pawnshops that are non-bound, the Cooperative is a legendary non-bank institution in Indonesia that has a bonded nature. You need to be a member of the Cooperative first if you want to borrow money. Before borrowing any money, you need to spend a certain amount of money on several deposits, namely principal, mandatory, and voluntary savings. The cooperative will also ask you to provide guarantees such as BPKB Vehicles. The process required by the Cooperative is also quite long.


4. Online Money Borrowing Application

The last is an online loan application. This is the easiest way and does not require a long time until the money you want to borrow is liquid. To borrow money from the application, you only need a smartphone, personal documents needed, and of course an internet quota to download the application. Borrowing money becomes easier because you don’t need to come to the location of the loan, so you can save time, effort and transportation costs.

There are various online loan applications available in Indonesia today. However, you also need to be vigilant and get to know more deeply about the application to borrow money online that you choose to minimize fraud. Don’t let you borrow money in the TB Lenders application that is not registered and supervised by the Financial Services Authority (OJK), huh!

One fast-paced TB Lenders online application is HL Credit.HL Credit has been established since the end of 2016 and has helped hundreds of thousands of people who want to borrow money quickly and easily. The maximum nominal loan money in HL Credit is 8 million rupiahs, with the long tenor of TB Lenders 6 months. The interest installments offered are very low, which is 0.1% per day, so you will not be charged with borrowing money online. Even more interesting, you can get up to 3% cashback when you pay installments to borrow money before the time is due, you know. You also don’t need to worry about the security and privacy of customers because HL Credit has been registered and supervised by the OJK.



That’s 4 places where you can find a place to borrow money


The choice of a place to borrow money back to your needs and adjusted to your wishes. If you need TB Lenders for large amounts of money, you can submit TB Lenders to the bank. If you want to borrow money directly by providing a guarantee, you can visit Pegadaian and Cooperative. However, if you need TB Lenders that are easy, low interest, and fast liquid, the application to borrow money online can be the right choice. Come on, install the HL Credit application on your Google Play and submit TB Lenders now!

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